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How to Disable Printer Automatic Update

On March 21, 2023, Chipjet monitored the firmware upgrade in HP printers that use CF416/CF259 series consumables (new firmware version: 2310A). The firmware is forwarded through WiFi and will be installed automatically if users do not disable printer automatic update. As a result, printers are unabl

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How to Reset Printer’s WiFi

You may need to reset your printer’s WiFi if your router malfunctions or when you need to connect the printer to a new network. Not sure how? Follow us to learn. (We use an HP printer to illustrate the method)

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How to Avoid Printer Firmware Updates

On December 6, 2022, Chipjet found new printer firmware (version: 2247A) was released on HP’s official website. The error "Non-HP Chip Detected" would appear after installation, indicating that compatible chips are not recognized by printers. Typically, the events listed below will result in firmwar

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Does Ink “Hide”?

You probably assume the cartridge is damaged when your printer indicates there is no ink cartridge. Actually, the ink might "hide." To discover how to make it flow normally, read this article.一:打印“打印质量诊断页”1. Check the Print Quality Report 通过查看打印质量报告,可根据色块图案判断是否出现堵头情况,具体操作步骤如下:Through the color on th

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How to Clear Toner Spots on Documents

Laser printer is indispensable in office. But you may encounter problems when printing, such as toner spots on your documents. Many people don’t know how to fix it. Actually, the key is to clean two parts in printer. 如何改善激光打印机的墨迹/斑点How to Clear Toner Spots 将打印信息报告进行打印,并查看打印机无线账号信息;Print the printer

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How to Set Your Printer

Print quality not ideal? Cannot print duplex documents? You may have encountered these problems when printing. Today, Chipjet will teach you how to set your printer to get ideal documents. How to Set Print QualityOn Printer Enter printer menuChoose Setup → Printer Settings → Print SettingsChoose Qu

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Errors and Solutions for Xerox 200 Series Printers

Have no idea what the error codes mean? Don’t know why the indicator light keeps flashing? Can’t solve the paper jam problem? Are you distressed about these problems that you encounter when you use printer? If you are, this article may help. Today, Chipjet collects some common error messages that wi

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Chipjet Tip|Error Codes and Solutions for HP 150 Series Printers

HP 150 series printers are frequently used in our daily life and work. Inevitably, however, the printer will send you error codes that you don't understand nor know what to do. Today, Chipjet collects common error messages and solutions:

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How to Fix Ink System Failure

Suitable for the following printers:HP OfficeJet 251dw/276dw/3610/3620/6100/6600/6700/7110/7510/7610/7612/8100/8600/8610/8615/8616/8620/8625/8630/8640/8660/9010/9012/9013/9014/9015/9016/9018/9019/9020/9022/9023/9025/9026/9028/9012 When you use the above printer and encounter problems such as print s

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