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  • For inkjet printer users, ink cartridge is a necessary consumable. Among all kinds of cartridges, the cost-effective and environmental friendly remanufactured ink cartridges stand out in the consumable market. However, to test the performance of reman cartridges is a complex procedure, and it is ine

  • Semiconductor memory has two types: volatile memory (e.g. DRAM and SRAM) and non-volatile memory (e.g. EPROM, EEPROM and FRAM). Volatile memory loses its stored data when the power to the memory chip is turned off, while non-volatile memory preserves the data stored in it during periods when the pow

Error Code

  • In May 2019, HP rolled out the entry-level monochrome laser multifunction printer 136w series and color laser multifunction printer 178nw series at the 2019 HP Innovative Commercial Printer Summer New Product Launch Conference. Besides features like printing, scanning and copying, the printer also p

  • Basic Introduction Since October, 2016, Brother has launched a series of business smart all-in-one inkjet printers one after another in areas like the USA, Europe, and Asia pacific region. Compared with its products released previously, the printers of this series show a more outstanding printing pe

Chipjet Tips

  • On December 6, 2022, Chipjet found new printer firmware (version: 2247A) was released on HP’s official website. The error "Non-HP Chip Detected" would appear after installation, indicating that compatible chips are not recognized by printers. Typically, the events listed below will result in firmwar

  • Print quality not ideal? Cannot print duplex documents? You may have encountered these problems when printing. Today, Chipjet will teach you how to set your printer to get ideal documents. How to Set Print QualityOn Printer Enter printer menuChoose Setup → Printer Settings → Print SettingsChoose Qu

  • Have no idea what the error codes mean? Don’t know why the indicator light keeps flashing? Can’t solve the paper jam problem? Are you distressed about these problems that you encounter when you use printer? If you are, this article may help. Today, Chipjet collects some common error messages that wi


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