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Firmware Upgrade

  • HP printers will automatically upgrade the firmware to the latest version if users do not disable related functions, which may block compatible chips. To solve this problem, we can downgrade the firmware to the previous version. 下面我们将以惠普M454nw打印机为例,给大家展示固件版本的降级方法:(温馨提示:给打印机固件降级的过程中,请确保电脑处于正常开机状态并且已连


Error Code

Chipjet Tips

  • The way that toner cartridges are used and stored will have a direct impact on the cost and quality of the prints produced. As a result, understanding toner cartridge maintenance is crucial for everyone using a laser printer.
  • A laser printer may have some minor faults after being used for a period of time, such as white stripes, background scatter, toner stains, and incompatible cartridge. How should we solve these problems? Read on to learn!
  • The toner cartridge chip is a component that communicates with the printer by direct contact or through radio frequency. It is usually soldered to a small PCB board and has storage units to store information. Then what’s a toner chip’s function and what should we do when it’s damaged? What Is a Ton


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