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Why Printer Says Out of Paper

You put enough paper into your printer, but it still says “out of paper” when you print, copy, fax or scan. In this situation, Chipjet suggests you check the paper tray or the automatic document feeder (ADF) first:The Paper Tray Does Not Pick Paper I) Check the PaperTake out all the paper from the p

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Printer Doesn’t Work? Follow our Tips to Solve!

Paper? Yes. Power? Yes. But the printer still doesn’t work! Most of you will regard this situation as machine fault or consumable damage. In fact, it may result from the poor connection between printer and computer as well as wrong settings. Some simple checks and setting changes can easily solve th

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How to Check Samsung Printer Region

Have your Samsung printer reported an error after installing a new cartridge? You may think there is something wrong with the cartridge or the chip. Actually, the true reason is the different region between the printer and the cartridge. When the two things are not matched, your printer will remind

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How to Continue Printing on HP 150 Series Printer When Toner is at a Low Level

With the technological development, more printers can not only receive information sent from the chip but also examine whether the cartridge ...

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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Printing is no doubt an essential part of day-to-day business operations. In recent years, OEMs have released refillable cartridges...

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Low Printing Quality? The Printhead May Go Wrong!

The printer’s ink will evaporate and dry if it is not used for a long time, which will clog the printhead and lower the printing quality. When bringing the printer into use again, the prints may be blurry or distorted, which cause the waste of paper and influence your work as well. Today, Chipjet wi

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How to Prolong Printer's Lifespan

Each machine has its lifespan, so does a printer. Correct maintenance methods can help to prolong a printer’s lifespan, such as: using habit, storage mode, daily cleaning and etc. Today Chipjet will share some tips on printer maintenance with you to help you prolong the lifespan of your printer.

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Five Methods for Improving Color Printing Result

With the changing technology and market requirement, color printing is highly needed in office. Laser printers’ color printing function makes the printed documents more beautiful and delightful. It is worth noting that print result even varies from printers of one model of one brand. And there are m

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