Chipjet Tip| Four Common Laser Printer Problems and Their Solutions
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Chipjet Tip| Four Common Laser Printer Problems and Their Solutions

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A laser printer may have some minor faults after being used for a period of time, such as white stripes, background scatter, toner stains, and incompatible cartridge. How should we solve these problems? Read on to learn!


I) White Stripes


It's possible that the printer is unclean or that the toner cartridge is almost empty.



1. Get your printer cleaned;

2. Remove the toner cartridge and carefully shake it side-to-side. Then put it back inside the printer. If that doesn’t resolve it, you can install fresh toner.

II) Background Scatter


Background scatter can be caused by improper temperature and paper as well as aged imaging drum.


1. Check if the imaging drum is tainted with toner. If it is, the magnetic roller is aged and should be replaced;

2. A room temperature of between 10 and 30 °C is advised;

3. The paper should not be too light or heavy. Please load paper stock with the correct specifications. 


III) Toner Stains


If the paper is clean, the inside of the printer could be dirty.


1. Clean the paper guides with a dry cloth;

2. Print a single word on premium paper to clean the printer's internal components;

3. Replace the toner cartridge.

IV) Incompatible Cartridge or Unauthorized Supplies


The region of the cartridge is different from that of the printer, or the “Cartridge Protection” feature is not disabled.



1. Verify that the cartridge’s region matches with the printer's. Click the following link to check the region:

2. Disable “Cartridge Protection”:

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