How to Disable “Cartridge Policy” and “Cartridge Protection”
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How to Disable “Cartridge Policy” and “Cartridge Protection”

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HP Cartridge Protection is a system that can prevent original cartridges from being used in other printers by locking the cartridge. If you use this cartridge on another printer, you will receive error messages like “Protected Supplies”. HP Cartridge Policy is a feature that prevents your printer from using compatible cartridges. An error message like “Unauthorized Supplies” will pop up if compatible cartridges are used on this printer. Luckily, the HP Cartridge Protection and Cartridge Policy settings are disabled by default. But if you accidentally turn the features on and you want to use compatible cartridges, we recommend you turn them off manually. Watch the video to learn how to operate:

I) Operate on printer

  • Enter the setup menu and Select “Supply Settings”.

  • Touch “Cartridge Policy” and select “off”.

II) Operate on computer

  • Open “HP Smart” and choose “HP Device Toolbox”.

  • Choose “System” and enter the password.

  • Choose “Supply Settings”.

  • Select “Off” to disable “Cartridge Policy” and “Cartridge Protection”.

We hope you found this video helpful.  If you have any questions about the operation, please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time.


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