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As a supplier and manufacturer of cartridge chips, Chipjet provides chip solutions with our customized service, including solution planning, chip design, and simulation verification. 
Our replacement chips for both ink and toner cartridges are perfectly compatible with brands including HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, etc.
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PT Station

Perfect Compatibility and Multiple Functions
 It takes less than 3 seconds to test an ink cartridge. Testing speed increases by 7 times.
 Testing efficiency increases by 10 times.
 Compatible with multiple brands. Compatible with multiple models and generations of the same brand.
 One device, multiple functions.
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16 Years of Experience
R&D Investment Accounted for 25% of the Total Income
R&D Employees Above 50%
Nearly 650 IPs Applied

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    How to Disable “Cartridge Policy” and “Cartridge Protection”

    HP Cartridge Protection is a system that can prevent original cartridges from being used in other printers by locking the cartridge. If you use this cartridge on another printer, you will receive error messages like “Protected Supplies”. HP Cartridge Policy is a feature that prevents your printer fr

    05 06 2023
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    How to Reset Waste Ink Counter

    Has your printer stopped printing due to the ink waste pad being full? Each printer has a preset limit or trigger value that will generate a safe amount of waste ink that the waste ink pads can successfully absorb. Waste ink will overflow if the waste ink mistake is ignored, further harming printer

    03 04 2023
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    How to Disable Printer Automatic Update

    On March 21, 2023, Chipjet monitored the firmware upgrade in HP printers that use CF416/CF259 series consumables (new firmware version: 2310A). The firmware is forwarded through WiFi and will be installed automatically if users do not disable printer automatic update. As a result, printers are unabl

    22 03 2023
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    How to Reset Printer’s WiFi

    You may need to reset your printer’s WiFi if your router malfunctions or when you need to connect the printer to a new network. Not sure how? Follow us to learn. (We use an HP printer to illustrate the method)

    20 03 2023
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    Compatible Toner Cartridge Chip for HP/Mi

    The new self-designed chips are of high quality, good performance and can withstand printer firmware update because of our prearranged plans.

    10 03 2023
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    How to Avoid Printer Firmware Update

    On December 6, 2022, Chipjet found new printer firmware (version: 2247A) was released on HP’s official website. The error "Non-HP Chip Detected" would appear after installation, indicating that compatible chips are not recognized by printers. Typically, the events listed below will result in firmwar

    08 12 2022
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    Compatible Ink Cartridge Chip for HP 91X/96X Series

    Compatible Ink Cartridge Chip for HP Gen4 This self-designed chip is of high quality, good performance and can withstand printer firmware update because of our prearranged plans. It works with HP printers. The following is an overview of HP Office Jet Pro 9010. Introduction to HP Office Jet Pro 9010

    16 11 2022


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