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As a supplier and manufacturer of cartridge chips, Chipjet provides chip solutions with our customized service, including solution planning, chip design, and simulation verification. 
Our replacement chips for both ink and toner cartridges are perfectly compatible with brands including HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, etc.
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PT Station

Perfect Compatibility and Multiple Functions
 It takes less than 3 seconds to test an ink cartridge. Testing speed increases by 7 times.
 Testing efficiency increases by 10 times.
 Compatible with multiple brands. Compatible with multiple models and generations of the same brand.
 One device, multiple functions.
Witness Chipjet's Bright Future with Us
17 Years of Experience
R&D Investment Accounts for 25% of the Total Income
R&D Employees Above 50%
Over 700 IPs Have Been Applied

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·Get our products with competitive price
·Customize products according to your needs
·Know our new product release plan in the first place
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