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As a supplier and manufacturer of cartridge chips, Chipjet provides chip solutions with our customized service, including solution planning, chip design, and simulation verification. 
Our replacement chips for both ink and toner cartridges are perfectly compatible with brands including HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, etc.
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PT Station

Perfect Compatibility and Multiple Functions
 It takes less than 3 seconds to test an ink cartridge. Testing speed increases by 7 times.
 Testing efficiency increases by 10 times.
 Compatible with multiple brands. Compatible with multiple models and generations of the same brand.
 One device, multiple functions.
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16 Years of Experience
R&D Investment Accounts for 25% of the Total Income
R&D Employees Above 50%
Over 700 IPs Have Been Applied

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    New Products in November 2023

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    01 12 2023
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    Chipjet Tip|How to Set a Colour Printer to Print in Black and White

    When printing a file that is not very critical, it is a good idea to set a colour printer to print in black and white in order to save toner. However, you may not receive the desired outcome if you set up your printer improperly. So follow us to learn the operation steps. How to Set a Colour Printer

    30 11 2023
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    Chipjet Tip | How to Replace Ink Cartridge?

    Even though most people are aware that ink cartridges should be changed when they run out, many of you might not know how to put a new cartridge in. As a result, we have summarized relevant queries and written this article to help you. Replace Black and Tri-color Ink CartridgesBlack and tri-color ca

    17 11 2023
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    Chipjet Tip | You Should Confirm the Region in Which the Supplies Are Usable

    OEMs will release several models of cartridges for printers that are published in different countries and regions. Consequently, the first thing you should do before buying a new cartridge is to verify the cartridge model. For example, you should confirm the region in which the supplies are usable b

    13 11 2023
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    Chipjet Tip | Cartridge Cannot Be Detected?

    Sometimes when you use laser printers, you may see prompt messages like “No Toner Cartridge” or “Cartridge Cannot Be Detected” which, if the toner is not empty, is caused by the following reasons:1. Printer Firmware UpdateWhen the latest firmware is published, a notification to update the firmware w

    27 10 2023
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    Common Problems after Installing a New Toner Cartridge and Solutions

    Customers have fed back to Chipjet that after installing a new toner cartridge, they encountered problems such as blank pages, printout blemishes, cartridge not detected, etc. This article is written to tell you the causes and solutions. Come to learn with us. 01出现打印空白页Blank Pages硒鼓密封条未拉出Not remove

    20 10 2023
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    A Successful Ending | RemaxWorld Expo 2023

    The RemaxWorld Expo 2023 came to a perfect conclusion on October 14th. As a company that specializes in printing consumables, Chipjet brought a range of new products to this exhibition and demonstrated our R&D strength to customers. At the exhibition site, we carefully introduce each product to eve

    16 10 2023


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