Chipjet Tip | How to Extend the Life of Toner Cartridge?
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Chipjet Tip | How to Extend the Life of Toner Cartridge?

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The way that toner cartridges are used and stored will have a direct impact on the cost and quality of the prints produced. As a result, understanding toner cartridge maintenance is crucial for everyone using a laser printer.


01 Store Toner Properly

It’s a good practice to store your cartridges upright, as they are in the printer. Furthermore, a large amount of airstream can make the toner powder moist, and high heat can easily cause the powder to melt or fuse in the cartridge. As a result, the toner must be kept somewhere dry, cold, and dark for storage.

02 Do not remove the sealing strip

The toner cartridge's sealing strip can keep the toner from becoming wet. If you do not use it in time after pulling out the seal, there is a high chance that your cartridges will become useless.


03 Do not touch the imaging drum

One crucial component of the toner cartridge is the image drum. Avoid touching it directly with your hands or exposing it to intense light over an extended period of time.

04 Avoid corrosive chemicals

Toner cartridges should not be placed near corrosive substances as this may lead to chemical alterations in the cartridge. The toner cartridge should also be stored separately from other magnetic materials because it has a magnetic roller.


05 Use proper paper

Someone may buy cheap paper to save money. However, if low-quality paper is used frequently, it will wear down the toner cartridge and shorten its lifespan.


In conclusion, toner cartridge life can be increased by handling and storing them correctly. If you have any questions about the storage and maintenance of toner cartridges, please leave us a message and we’ll be glad to help you.

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