What is a Toner Cartridge Chip?
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What is a Toner Cartridge Chip?

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The toner cartridge chip is a component that communicates with the printer by direct contact or through radio frequency. It is usually soldered to a small PCB board and has storage units to store information. Then what’s a toner chip’s function and what should we do when it’s damaged?


What Is a Toner Chip’s Function?


I) Receive Information

A toner chip can receive information collected by the printer such as print pages, toner powder volume and the print coverage rate.


II) Store Information

A toner chip maintains information about the toner cartridge, such as models and areas, which means the chip is only compatible with the specific cartridge.


III) Manage Toner Powder Information

When the toner power is low, the toner chip issues a warning to stop printing.


What to Do When Toner Chip Is Damaged?

1. Turn off the printer and take out the cartridge;

2. Empty the waste powder and add some powder into the cartridge;

3. Remove the damaged chip;

4. Install a new chip.

Remind: Do add the powder before replacing the chip, otherwise the new chip is likely to go wrong.

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