How to Fix Printer Supply Memory Error
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How to Fix Printer Supply Memory Error

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Recently, we have received messages complaining about “supply memory error”. So we decide to publish this post to explain the causes and fixes for this error message.

What is a Supply Memory Error?

A supply memory error happens when the printer is unable to recognize the cartridge (model, page yield, usage, etc.). This typically occurs in laser printers.  


Common Error Codes (Take HP printer for example)

10.00.00 Supply Memory Error

10.00.10 Supply Memory Error

10.00.30 Unauthorized Supply

10.00.31 Starting to Print with Non-HP Cartridge

10.00.33 Starting to Print with Used or Counterfeit Supplies

10.00.46 Non-HP Chips Detected

10.00.57 Protected Supply Installed

10.00.70 Printing with Very Low Black Supply

10.00.71 Starting to Print in Black Only

10.00.81 No Longer Printing in Black Only

The Causes and Solutions of Supply Memory Error

There are four causes of this printer problem:


1. Wrong printer cartridges were installed

The printer won't recognize an incorrect cartridge, which will cause a Supply Memory Error. Users should therefore confirm the cartridge model before buying and installing.


2. Not remove the protective strip

Users should remove the protective strips before installing a new cartridge, otherwise, they will stop the printer from printing.


                                           (Picture source: TonerGiant)                                           

3. Damaged metal contact points

The metal contact points on the cartridge chip must be connected to the corresponding connectors inside the printer. Chips that are damaged or soiled will cause poor contact. In the case of a remanufactured cartridge, make sure the chip is in place and isn't dirty.

3   4(Technewstoday)

                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Picture source: Technewstoday)

4. Printer firmware

Printer manufacturers will regularly release new firmware. If the firmware is updated but the cartridge chip is still an older version, an error could occur. At this time, you could either update the cartridge chip to the latest version or downgrade the printer firmware.


Hopefully, these tips are helpful. Chipjet will keep offering helpful advice to assist you in resolving issues with your printer and supplies. Our update device Chip Station could effectively help you deal with printer firmware updates. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know.

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