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How to Avoid Printer Firmware Update

On December 6, 2022, Chipjet found new printer firmware (version: 2247A) was released on HP’s official website. The error "Non-HP Chip Detected" would appear after installation, indicating that compatible chips are not recognized by printers. Typically, the events listed below will result in firmwar

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ChipStation | the Intelligent Firmware Upgrade Manager at Your Side

Have you met the problems below? Inventory risk---Products in stock will be faced with poor market because they can’t be upgraded timely as OEM firmware upgrade;Customer loss---Customers will turn to other suppliers for follow-up orders when products of latest version are unavailable for them;Cost r

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Knowing Your HP Printers’ Firmware Version is Non-negligible

As HP keeps upgrading its firmware in recent years, the phonomenon that some replacement chips in the market can’t be recognized by the printers often occurs. Therefore, Chipjet’s R&D teams optimize Chipjet’s products to provide solutions for you with high anti-upgrade ability. Besides, the methods

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How to Recognize HP Printer's Production Date

How to Recognize HP Printer's Production Date The replacement consumables is greatly influenced by the frequent upgrade of printer firmware from HP. As some of them are related to printer’s production date, let us see how to recognize HP printer’s production date. Method Ⅰ Check the serial number

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How to Disable the “Automatic Firmware Update” of HP Printers?

Chipjet’s Method——How to disable the “automatic firmware update” of HP printers?

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For HP 63/302 Series - Chipjet Chips Available

Dear Customer, As HP released new firmware (2025A) for HP 63/302 series printers in July 2020, Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd checked Chipjet chips for HP 63/302 series printers at once and found they are unaffected by the upgrade after verification. Chipjet chips are anti-upgrade this time an

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