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  Power battery management syste
Two-wheel power battery three-wheel power battery
Number of strings 9-20 strings 17-20strings
Charge and discharge port Same mouth Same mouth
Continuous current 50A 80A
Peak current 65A 120A
Battery Type Ternary lithium/lithium iron phosphate Ternary lithium
Communications GPS, RS485, Bluetooth, CAN (reserved) GPS, RS485, Bluetooth, CAN (reserved)
balanced Passive Balance Passive Balance
The main function 1. High-power MOSFET drive switch control technology is adopted, which has the characteristics of high reliability and high current
2. The dual protection mechanism combining software and hardware is adopted to improve the reliability of system charge and discharge protection
3. Real-time high-precision battery pack remaining capacity (SOC) estimation
4. It can be connected to the supporting PC software to display the system operation parameters and status, adjust and configure the battery protection and alarm parameters, and can also be remotely OTA online
5. With GPS positioning, the battery pack position can be grasped in real time
6. With an encryption chip, the battery has an ID card


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