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Micro sensor chips and micro actuator chips based on MEMS technology, and conditioning chips or special ASICs with integrated interfaces, power supplies, communications, and ADC modules, are packaged into a tube shell alone or in combination to form an integrated device or integrated system. Its advantages are small size, lightweight, low power consumption, compatibility with IC processes, etc., and advanced packaging technology can manufacture heterogeneous compatible multi-channel and multi-
type sensors and actuators of integrated IC devices. For example, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, inertial navigation devices, and their ASICs, combined with TGV/TSV/RDL technology, use SiP or other advanced packaging technologies for heterogeneous integration and combine sensor fusion algorithms to perform integrated processing and edge computing of various complex signals and transmit them to the cloud and server, etc.

Conditioning chip

The sensor signal conditioning IC is connected between the sensor and the MCU, which can provide the necessary excitation signal for the sensor to extract and amplify the sensor's output electrical signal, then linearize it and provide temperature calibration and compensation. The output of the sensor signal conditioning IC can be either a digital signal or an analog signal.

MCU chip

The ultra-low power MCU product specially designed for sensor applications is a chip-level computing and control unit that integrates CPU, memory, counter, ADC, and rich interface modules. The product optimizes the power mode, driver, and interface design for specific application scenarios to simplify BOM and reduce power consumption.

Signal Chain

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