Xerox Printer Prompts Errors After Refilling Toner? The Answer is Here!
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Xerox Printer Prompts Errors After Refilling Toner? The Answer is Here!

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When you use up the toner, you need to refill the cartridge or simply change to a new one. However, your Xerox Printer may prompt cartridge or chip errors sometimes even after you refill the cartridge. This is because the sensor detects abnormalities of toner and feed this information to the printer. Then how to solve this problem? Please read on.


When you encounter the above situation, you need to check the chip and the toner cartridge respectively to confirm the crux of the matter.

I) Check the Cartridge Chip

Install a new chip in an empty cartridge and put it into the printer

If the printer reminds “Calibrating Printer” and “Replace Toner” successively, move to the next step

Remove the chip and install it in a cartridge with a little toner. Put the cartridge into the printer and see if it reminds you that the toner is at a low level

If you receive the above messages, then your chip is good and you should check your cartridge


II) Check the Toner Cartridge

Replace the old cartridge with a new one

Shake the new cartridge horizontally before installing it in the printer

After installation, check if the page yield goes back to 100%

If it is, then there are other problems with your printer


Why would your printer prompt errors when you use new cartridges or chips? Reasons are as follows:

1) The toner is not shaken evenly, and therefore the page yield is not correct

2) Bad quality of toner cartridge

3) The cartridge is kept in a humid environment or environment with wide temperature variations, which made the toner agglomerate


Chipjet suggests you prepare an extra set of toner cartridge chips in case of chip data abnormality caused by long-time calibration. If you find this article useful, please follow our website and you will get more printing tips.  


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