Still Have Ink/Toner Left in Dead Cartridge?
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Still Have Ink/Toner Left in Dead Cartridge?

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When your printer reminds you to replace the old cartridge and you take it out, you may find there is still ink or toner inside. Have you wondered "can I change the cartridge until the ink or toner is totally run out", "why is there still ink/toner left in dead cartridges", "is there something wrong with my printer"? Today, Chipjet will answer your questions.

Can I Change the Cartridge Until the Ink or Toner is Totally Run Out?


Your printer will estimate the ink/toner level based on the current toner utilization levels and the historical usage trend programmed into the printer by the manufacturer. When the ink/toner is at a low level, the printer will remind you to pay attention and change a new cartridge in time. There is a risk of causing significant damage to your printer if the cartridge runs completely dry. Consequently, cartridges are designed by the manufacturer to leave a 'safety reserve' or buffer to avoid serious damage to the printers. Therefore, when receiving the 'low in' warnings, you'd better prepare a replacement cartridge.

Why Is There Still Ink/Toner Left in Dead Cartridges?


1 For Printing

The left ink/toner is prepared for you to print some urgent files, although the colour will probably be lighter than normal.

2 Because of Cartridge Structure

Most ink cartridges have a sponge inside in order to absorb ink. Therefore, the small amount of ink left in the sponge can hardly be used.

3 Ink/Toner of Different Colours are Not Used Synchronously

  • If you use a certain colour frequently, that cartridge will be run out more quickly;

  • Ink that is used less may evaporate a little due to long-time exposure to air;

  • Because of different utilization frequency, when one colour is run out, others may still be left.


1 You may need to close the message box to continue printing. 

2 When you are reminded the ink/toner is not enough, you should pay more attention to it. If the words and pictures are not clear or the colour is light, you need to replace the cartridge in time so as to avoid any inconvenience to your work and life as well as damage to your printer.


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