Safeguard Chipjet Business with Perfect Intellectual Property System
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Safeguard Chipjet Business with Perfect Intellectual Property System

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Chipjet Technology is a national high-tech enterprise with development, production and marketing of professional integrated circuit design and application ability, belonging to HuBei Dinglong Chemical co., LTD. Based on the values of “innovation, effort, excellence, and win-win” and as the leading enterprise of the industry, Chipjet focuses on the design, development and production of printing consumable chip since 2007.


Attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, Chipjet successfully launch a full range of printing consumable products and special chip series and regeneration solution. With the strong R&D strength, Chipjet builds the technological barriers supported by intellectual property rights. Chipjet has applied 348 intellectual property rights, including 95 domestic & international invention patents, over 60 IC layout design & software copyrights and over 30 domestic & international registered trademarks.


Chipjet has established the independent FIB laboratory and the independent intellectual property chip testing platform, achieved the analysis of chip physical layer and the automated testing of chip. Chipjet attaches great importance to the cooperation with local patent attorney teams in various regions, sets up a professional patent system platform for the patent system to retrieve, download, analyze and manage the global industry patent, so as to timely grasp the industry-related patents information for positive solutions. Our company has carried out Industry-Education-Research Programs cooperation actively with Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other well-known universities. Moreover, Chipjet has built a professional intellectual property rights team of doctors, master, patent masters and lawyers, to protect innovations, avoid legal risk and safeguard legal interests. To date, Chipjet has passed multiple certifications, including ISO9001:2015 quality management system (SGS), key software enterprise, Zhejiang R&D Center, Hangzhou famous brand, demonstration enterprises of patents in Hangzhou and titles of provincial science and technology type small and medium-sized enterprise, “Invisible Champion Cultivation Enterprise” in Zhejiang and “Gazelle Enterprise” in Hangzhou, etc.


Rely on the State enterprise technical center, post-doctoral research station and academician expert station of Hubei Dinglong, Chipjet is committed to upgrade and innovate supported by around 500 innovation talents, which includes experts, over 30 domestic & international doctor and over 200 masters who are subsidized by the State Department and the government. As the demonstration enterprise of national intellectual property, Hubei Dinglong is awarded 2 excellent prizes in Chinese patent, 1 patent gold prize in Hubei Province, important technical innovation prize in information industry of China and the first prize of technical innovation in Hubei Province. A total of nearly 600 patents have been applied, 337 patents have been granted and 8 national industry standards have been set. Hubei Dinglong has undertaken national major science and technology projects such as the National 863 Program and the National 02 Special Project.


Chipjet will take a more solid pace in the future, based on integrated circuits and related industries, to create a compatible chip supply platform, development and promotion of compatible chip design and testing industry technical standards, promote professional printing supplies market, and is committed to become a first-class chip solutions provider and trusted partner.

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