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Chipjet’s Alibaba Online Store Opens!

Breaking! Chipjet’s Alibaba online store opens on June 18. Before, foreign customers usually enquire product information through email or our website ( To make transactions more convenient, Chipjet follow the online shopping trend and open our store on Alibaba. From now o

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Brand New!| Non-Battery Replacement Cartridge Chip for Brother

Semiconductor memory has two types: volatile memory (e.g. DRAM and SRAM) and non-volatile memory (e.g. EPROM, EEPROM and FRAM). Volatile memory loses its stored data when the power to the memory chip is turned off, while non-volatile memory preserves the data stored in it during periods when the pow

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How to Fix “Print to File” Problem

When you send “print” missions to your printer, sometimes the “Print to File” box will pop up and the documents won’t be printed out. In this situation, do not restart the printer. Otherwise, you may damage it without solving any problems. You probably consider that something goes wrong with your pr

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What is 5% Page Coverage?

When purchasing cartridges, one thing we care about is the page yield. However, you may find that your cartridge doesn’t print the amount of pages it says that it should. Is there something wrong with the cartridge or the chip? Today, Chipjet will talk about this. 5% Page CoverageTo explain the abov

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Chipjet Holiday Schedule for Dragon Boat Festival

Dear customers: According to China’s official holiday arrangements and Chipjet’s situation, our company will schedule the Dragon Boat Festival holiday as follows: Holiday time: June 12, 2021 to June 14, 2021, three days in totalReturning time: June 15, 2021 Wish you a happy holiday! Hangzhou Chipje

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Why Printer Says Out of Paper

You put enough paper into your printer, but it still says “out of paper” when you print, copy, fax or scan. In this situation, Chipjet suggests you check the paper tray or the automatic document feeder (ADF) first:The Paper Tray Does Not Pick Paper I) Check the PaperTake out all the paper from the p

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Printer Doesn’t Work? Follow our Tips to Solve!

Paper? Yes. Power? Yes. But the printer still doesn’t work! Most of you will regard this situation as machine fault or consumable damage. In fact, it may result from the poor connection between printer and computer as well as wrong settings. Some simple checks and setting changes can easily solve th

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How to Check Samsung Printer Region

Have your Samsung printer reported an error after installing a new cartridge? You may think there is something wrong with the cartridge or the chip. Actually, the true reason is the different region between the printer and the cartridge. When the two things are not matched, your printer will remind

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