Master End Users’ Pain Points, Maximize Your Profits
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Master End Users’ Pain Points, Maximize Your Profits

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In recent year, influenced by the popularization of printers buying price, an increasing number of end users begin to purchase printers by themselves. As the sales party of printers, we need to find some methods and skills to find corresponding potential customers accurately. In this article, Chipjet analyzes the user behaviors from various industries to obtain customer resources at the fastest speed and finally improve sales performance.


Five Common Customer Models

When we selling products to customers, it is vital to realize their using habits and pain point. Only when we recommend printer models according to their application scenarios, can we establish good commercial relation with potential customers at once and add customer confidence. Below is the Purchase Intention List of the five common customer models that Chipjet analyzed and organized in different industries for your reference.


End-Users' Purchase Intention

Based on the analysis result above, we can know that printers are mainly for home and office two kinds of application sceneries. So, what are the key points for different users when they choose printers

For Home


  • Print color documents/pictures

  • Print/scan documents

  • Household inkjet printers” should be recommended.

Pros: low price for the printers and consumables

Cons: difficult for maintenance and the nozzle could be clogged when it is not used for a long time.

For Small and Medium Businesses


  • Print black and white document in daily work

  • Mono laser printer with large toner cartridge” should be recommended.

Pros: low printing cost per page and high printing speed

Cons: difficult for maintenance and easy to flake off

For Enterprises


  • Print/copy/scan color documents

  • Demand high printing speed and stability

  • Large color laser MFP” should be recommended.

Pros: high printing speed and stable

Cons: easy to flake off and leak toner in maintenance

Tips for Saving Printing Consumables

When you buy a printer, learn to use printing consumables reasonably so as to save your money maximally and also help to conserve energy and reduce emission. Chipjet will offer some tips for you to save printing consumables.

1. Print them together

Every time when an inkjet printer is opened, it will clean its printhead and initialize printer, which will waste ink. So it is recommended to print documents together

2. Use EconoMode

When you are not sure about the printing performance, “EconoMode” is suggested as this mode can help to save around 75% ink. But as the printing quality by this mode is not good, so it is only recommended for printing drafts.

3. Clean Printhead

After using a period of time, you will find the printed pictures blurring or loosing ink dot. It is recommended to clean the printhead regularly to avoid waste consumables in re-printing.

4. Typesetting in One Document

Put the contents needing printing into one same document to print.

5. Use Replacement Consumables

Consumables keeps using up as long as your printer is working. The most common consumables are ink cartridge, toner cartridge, toner box and papers. For people who often need to replace consumables, it is quite expensive to use OEM consumables. Then Replacement consumables of famous brands can be suggested for them, as they can help to reduce purchase cost and, most importantly, guarantee good printing quality in a long term.  


In summary, as the speed and quality of the printer in the market are almost the same, the most important point when making recommendation to end-users is taking their demands for printer into consideration. Make primary screening by the above methods which combines end-users’ working and living demands, then get to know their budget and preferred brands. In this way, a printer within a certain price range satisfying end-users can be found.

Devoted to printer print consumables industry for over a decade, Chipjet now owns chip testing platform with autonomous intellectual property rights and the product range covers multiple fields, like inkjet printer, laser printer and copier with over 130 achievements of research and development of patent projects. Based on the profound technological advantage and strength of research and development, Chipjet will meet the market demand actively and provide replacement chip solutions with stronger anti-update ability to customers.


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