How to Switch Regional Version of Samsung 404 Series Replacement Chip
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How to Switch Regional Version of Samsung 404 Series Replacement Chip

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Sometimes, error message like “Not Compatible Magenta toner” displays when Samsung color laser 404 series replacement chips are installed in printers. After monitoring analysis, Chipjet finds out the reason is the incompatibility between the regional versions of chips and printer. So, how to solve this problem when we meet it in operating? 


(Error Message)

First of all, chips of the series contain multiple regional programs, which can be switched by opening & closing the printer cover or startup & Shutdown before them being recognized by printer. Each time opening and closing the cover or restarting the printer, the chips’ region version can be switched to next one. Please be noted that the regional version will be locked after the chips are recognized by printer, in this way, opening and closing the cover or restarting the printer can’t change the regional version any more.

Take DOM version as an example, the switchover order for Chipjet 404 series replacement chip’s region is: DOM-AME-EXP-EUR-MEA-CIS-CHN. For specific operational process, please refer to the video below.

Corresponding Regions and Countries for the Versions



1. If “Not Compatible XX Toner” error message displays when the replacement chips of same regional version as that of printer are mounted, it might be the chips’ regional version has already been switched which results in them being unrecognized by printer. We can switch the chip’s regional version by opening & closing the cover or startup & shutdown.

2. If the indicator light of printers without display screen turns red, the reason could be the bad contact between the chips and printer. We need check the supplies information settings in the drivers on the computer for further investigation.


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