How to Prolong Printer's Lifespan
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How to Prolong Printer's Lifespan

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Each machine has its lifespan, so does a printer. Correct maintenance methods can help to prolong a printer’s lifespan, such as: using habit, storage mode, daily cleaning and etc. Today Chipjet will share some tips on printer maintenance with you to help you prolong the lifespan of your printer.


01 Standby State

If you use your printer a lot in office work or daily life, just keep it in standby state and don’t shut it down, since the printer will clean its nozzle automatically when it is not off. Meanwhile, the heat generated from that can easily dry out ink cartridge, causing the print head clogged. As a result, keep the printer in standby state can help printer instead of damaging it.


02 Close Manual Feeder

Manual feeder, also named single-sheet feeder, is usually used to print with special materials. The feeder is on the top or at the side of printer, so it will bulge on the printer’s top or side. It is suggested to close the manual feeder when you don’t use it, to avoid damaging it.

03 Timely Change of Ink/Toner Cartridge


When ink or toner level is lower than 20%, many printers will remind you of ink or toner low, that’s the time you need to notice the remaining ink or toner powder. As some laser printers are not equipped with waste powder container, the machine will judge the remaining level of valid powder according to the yields when the valid powder is about to running out. If valid powder is not enough, the printer may mix the valid powder with the waste one together automatically, which could damage its accessories like scraper blade, OPC and photographic fixing. For inkjet printers, when ink is low, they will print without paper which may damage the nozzle.  

Notice: do NOT touch the bottom of ink/toner cartridge during replacing since any dust/scurf on your hand could easily jam the nozzle and even damage or scrap the print head if it is serious.  

04 Regular Starting Up

For any machine, including printer, not using it for a long time will influence its lifespan. For example, inkjet head will be clogged easily for the inkjet printer and laser powder will be solidified which could damage laser device for laser printers if they are not used for a long time. As a result, even if you don’t use printer for a long time, don’t forget to turn it on regularly to let the printer fill ink/toner powder automatically.

05 Keep Clean

Keeping the printer’s inside clean and tidy is also one of the maintenance methods. Regular cleaning of dusty parts like air supply roller, ventilation opening, nozzle and others can support the high-efficiency work of printer. In daily using, keep an eye on the printer all round to see whether there are paper scraps and clean it if there is any. Besides, the placement location is also important. It is suggested to place the printer without dust, otherwise the guide rail will be too dirty and nozzle will be clogged.

06 Placement and Storage


If the printer is lying idle for a long time, close the front cover and pull out the power plug to avoid foreign matters (like dust, fragments, nails, sheet metal, liquid and etc.) getting into the machine and causing electric shock and motor failure. If necessary, wrap the printer with some covering and place it on a settled horizontal plane in cool dry place to avoid influence from thermal load of direct sunlight.  

Good care and maintenance of printer can not only guarantee its reliability and stability in using, but also help to prolong the printer’s lifespan. No matter it is a laser printer or an inkjet printer you have, the lifespan will be shortened with higher usage frequency and consumables change count. The maintenance methods above can only help you to maintain the machine, if there are any faults, please contact the professionals for fast and effective trouble-shooting and avoid damaging the machine due to improper handling. If you have other tips, welcome to leave message and share with us.

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