How to Print Smarter to Save Your Ink and Paper
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How to Print Smarter to Save Your Ink and Paper

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We all know whether used or unused cartridges can save your money, if only you pay attention to its application method. However, there is another way to save money—watch out the font while printing. This is because when you are consuming ink or toner to print your stuff meaning you have to purchase more.

Because of printing longer than usual, you might also waste a little more, which can add up to a lot.

Solution? You can optimize your printer in the selection of font.

For example, try to use Times New Roman instead of Arial font as the latter one is more ink consuming. However, there are also other eco-friendly fonts you can use. The general principle is to use thin and narrow fonts. Of course, don’t forget to take readability into consideration if you want to print a banner or a heading.


Here are some fonts that we found might be helpful for you.


Century Gothic

Surprisingly, Century Gothic is not widely used as it was expected to be since Century Gothic is famous for its care for the environment. The size of Century Gothic is normally thinner than other fonts. In addition, the Century Gothic is a priority font for some banners and flyers.

However, due to less inks is consumed, Century Gothic is usually applied in workplaces while it is not suitable to write on large papers.


For a typewriter, the font is vital for typewriter needs different fonts to print letters. Courier is a relative font which is the priority for plain texts and documents. The evenly spaced and same width forms the perfect text blocks. Similar to the Century Gothic, Courier is also too thin to increase the size during reading. As a classic option, if you would like to save paper and ink, Courier is absolutely perfect for you.

Brush Script

This font is not recommended for content writing for its low readability. However, brush Script is able to save ink and paper as much as possible. Therefore, Brush Script is well-applied in printing for logos and large bold fonts.

Ryman Eco

Ryman Eco can be downloaded free. It is a beautiful font when it was designed for the very first time. It is counted that 33% of ink is less consumed when Ryman Eco applied. However, it is different from standard fonts, as the font is suitable to be used in a smaller type of papers.


This font also needs download from specific sources. The initial goal of designing this font is to save ink during printing. It is usually used in the Ecofont option that tiny holes will normally be poked through letters, in this case, the ink will bleed when the printing job is conducting.

There are various kinds of fonts for you to choose. The most vital point of fonts should be efficient on ink, so a smaller but readable one is always the best choice.


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