How to Print from Your Phone
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How to Print from Your Phone

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As internet technology is highly developed now, mobile technology is also changing our lives gradually. With the popularization of smartphone, more and more products need support from mobile software. Printing devices, one of essential office facilities, are also gradually equipped with the feature of mobile printing from a smartphone. You can print the file you want easily from a smartphone through WiFi or mobile network. Since the mobile printing method varies from brand to brand, Chipjet will introduce the mobile printing features of HP, Canon, Epson and Brother four brands printers for you today.

For HP Printers

·   Download HP smart App in advance

·    Enable the printer’s “WIFI” and connect your phone with the same WIFI

·   Open HP smartand clickPrint on the page, choose the desired file to start printing

For Canon Printers

·     Download Canon PRINTApp in advance

·      Enable the printer’s WIFIand connect your phone with the same WIFI

·     Open “Canon PRINT and clickPrint”.

For Epson Printers

·     Acquire Epson printer’s “WIFI” name and password, connect your phone with the WIFI

·      Open the downloadedEpson iPrintAPP on your phone and search the corresponding printer to connect with it

·    Open the needed document and choose “Epson iPrint” in “More” option to start printing

For Brother Printers

·      Acquire the printer’s WIFI name and password, then connect your phone to this WIFI

·      Open the needed file via Open in other APP and save it toFiles

·     Open the “Files” and find the file to print

Mobile phone is like a mini intelligent computer. When we want to print documents like files or pictures, you can connect your printing equipment of corresponding brand via mobile phone’s “WIFI” feature based on the wireless printing methods above, so as to help you to print files and images whenever and wherever you are.

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