How to Fix “Print to File” Problem
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How to Fix “Print to File” Problem

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When you send “print” missions to your printer, sometimes the “Print to File” box will pop up and the documents won’t be printed out. In this situation, do not restart the printer. Otherwise, you may damage it without solving any problems. You probably consider that something goes wrong with your printer or cartridge chip. In fact, the reason lies in the printer port, which can be easily solved by adding a new one.


Note: We demonstrate the steps using HP Color Laser MFP 178nw printers and Windows 7 system. You can take it as a reference if you use other printers and systems.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

01 Check Printers IP Address


  • Find and choose “Network” in the “Menu” 

  • Find “Network Configuration” on the sub-page and press “OK

  • Find “IP Address” in the Network Information


02 Add Printer Port


  • Open “Control Panel

  • Find “Devices and Printers” and right-click your printer to find “Printer properties

  • Choose “Ports”>“Print to File


  • Click “Add Port” and choose “Standard TCP/IP Port” on the pop-up page

  • Input the achieved IP address


  • Right-click your printer to find “Printer properties” again

  • Choose “Print Test Page

  • If you get the test page, then you successfully solve the problem.


Follow the above steps and you can easily solve the Print to File Problem. If you like us, please follow us and you will get more tips!


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