How to Find HP 100 Series Printers’ Consumables Version
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How to Find HP 100 Series Printers’ Consumables Version

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Recently, HP rolled out LaserJet Ultra high yields printers which are represented by HP Laser 100 series. Faced with the brand new printers, how to choose consumables when consumables version is uncertain? Chipjet will share two methods today for confirming the printers’ consumables version quickly and you can select corresponding one according to demands.


01 Via Drivers (without Consumables)

·    Click “Start” to find the “Devices and Printers” option

·      Find the corresponding Printer Model

·      Right-click on it and choose “Printing preferences” to enter detail page

·      Find “Printer Status” in the page and then you can see the correspondent printer consumables version.

02 Via Printer (with Consumables)

·       Find “System Setup” in printer’s menu page

·         Find “Supplies Info” in the “Report” page, and press “OK” button to print

·         Then you can find the printer consumables version information on the printed status report.

Knowing how to recognize printers’ consumables version can help you to refill consumables in time when toner low or out, so as to save working time and complete printing job faster and better.

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