How to Find Brother Color Toner Cartridge's Model Number
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How to Find Brother Color Toner Cartridge's Model Number

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With the popularization of digital office, printer is becoming more and more important in people’s work and life. At present, people mainly adopt laser printer in office and the print quality greatly depends toner cartridges, which are the foremost units in laser printer. It’s worth noting that toner cartridges’ model number vary from brand to brand of printers. As a result, toner cartridges’ model number for the desired printer should be made clear when purchasing. Chipjet will share a fast tip with you about how to find the model number of Brother Color printer’s toner cartridge, and the detailed method is as follows:      


①     Open printer’s front cover

②    Check the label next to the warning label on the printer’s fuser unit (find TN223/227 in the red circle which represents toner cartridge’s model number for this printer)


Kindly reminder:

Chipjet suggests to purchase toner cartridge of matched model number for printers in order to ensure the print quality of printers, as printers can’t work with toner cartridge of wrong model number. Besides, toner powder’s fineness parameter also varies from different brands and types, which means using mixed powder will influence the final print result and cause situations like bottom ash and ripples, and other irreversible damages to the printer. If you have any problems with consumables in printing, please don’t hesitate to leave message to us.  

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