How to Clear Toner Spots on Documents
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How to Clear Toner Spots on Documents

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Laser printer is indispensable in office. But you may encounter problems when printing, such as toner spots on your documents. Many people don’t know how to fix it. Actually, the key is to clean two parts in printer.

How to Clear Toner Spots

1. Print the printer information report and check the Wi-Fi information;

2. Connect your phone to the printers Wi-Fi;

3. Open the browser and enter in the address bar;

4. Touch the Menu on the right corner of the pop-up page and choose System - Service successively;

5. Log in;

6. Operate Fuser Cleaning Mode and Cartridge Cleaning Mode;

7. After finishing the above two modes, print a document to see if spots exist.

Follow the above methods and you can easily clear the toner spots on documents. Come to learn, and show your colleagues your skills!


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