Five Methods for Improving Color Printing Result
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Five Methods for Improving Color Printing Result

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With the changing technology and market requirement, color printing is highly needed in office. Laser printers’ color printing function makes the printed documents more beautiful and delightful. It is worth noting that print result even varies from printers of one model of one brand. And there are many reasons for this phenomenon: paper quality, toner cartridge faults, ink cartridge faults and etc. Today we will share 5 methods for improving color printing quality with you in this article for you to get a better print result.

Method : Paper Quality


Since not all papers are suitable for printing, it is suggested to take smoothness and thickness of papers into consideration when choosing. For papers which are too thick, toner powder won’t be able to stick on them; for papers which are too thin, color of the printed paper will become dark or paper jams will be caused inside the printer. When choosing paper, check the product information first and it is normally suggested to select neutral papers of between 70g/m2 to 90g/m2 since this kind of papers can better show the print effect and won’t wrinkle easily for its large density and the moisture resistance, deflection and smoothness are also better.

Method : Clean Print Head


Confirm the print quality by checking the four color blocks’ color on the test page of printer.

  • If all the color blocks’ lines are clear and distinct, print quality is favorable;

  • If phenomena like white lines, color fading or incomplete color happen, suggest to clean print head with the internal program of printers 3 to 5 times;

  • If there is some short line missing on the test page, replace the ink cartridge of corresponding color.

Friendly Reminder: Chipjet will share with you about how to clean print head later, so as to help you to do it more professionally.

Method Ⅲ: Check Toner/Ink Cartridge


As issues like unclear writing or fuzzy printing on the printed file could also be caused when toner or ink is out, it is suggested to check toner or ink cartridge first and replace it if toner or ink is out. If toner or ink is sufficient, continue to check imaging drum’s surface to see whether there is any scratch, fingerprint or damages.     

Method Ⅳ: Check Print Setup


· ClickFilesin the program and thenPrint”. Open the print window, then click Property (the option could be Property, Option, Printer Setup, Printer or Preferencein different software programs);

· ClickPaper/Quality and choose theProfessional or Optimal”option in the print quality. Start printing.

Method Ⅴ: Clean Interior of Printer

Print quality issues could also be caused when there are dust, paper’s fiber or other debris inside the printer for a long term. Please follow the steps below and clean the printer’s interior:

  • Pull out the printer’s plug. Wet a lint free cloth with bottled water or distilled water and squeeze water out. Clean with the cloth and dry the interior after cleaning;

  • Align the toner cartridge with inside guide rail of the printer and push the cartridge till it clicks. Close the maintenance door and shut down scanner module;

  • Connect the printer with power source and turn it on to start testing. If it still doesn’t work, please send it to professionals for maintenance.

Have you got the methods to improve print quality mentioned above? Next time when you encounter issues on color printing, just follow the above steps and troubleshoot to solve it. If you have other problems on printer, please feel free to leave message to us.

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