Everything You Need to Know About a Toner Chip
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Everything You Need to Know About a Toner Chip

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If you use a printer, you may have the experience of seeing the warning pops up on your computer screen, telling that the toner cartridge is running out. The warning comes from the toner chips. As the picture shown below:

Everything You Need to Know About a Toner Chip

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What is a toner chip?

Toner chip is a component installed in printer to monitor and count the page yield during the process of printing.

Usually it stores information like toner cartridge type, version and remaining pages in its storage units. Sometimes, it is specifically configured with a module so that it can respond to the request of encryption authentication from printer or copier.

Printer toner cartridges are designed for a specific page yield. When a certain page is consumed, the printer will then communicate with the toner chip and the latter will record the information and give warnings.


What is a toner chip’s function?

Toner chip’s main function is to store information.

Some information can be rewritten by printer, like the remaining toner and  pages. Printer will read these data according to print job and send the processed data back to the toner chip for saving after a series of calculation.

While the rest of them cannot be rewritten, such as region information and type of toner cartridges. This kind of information is to ensure the fitting match of toner cartridge with printer so that printer can work.

Does replacement toner chip damage printer?

Replacement toner chip is mainly to store all kinds of information and respond to the request of authentication from printer. The printer will possibly send you warnings when you replace a genuine toner cartridge with a replacement one, for example, this cartridge may damage your printer. However, this is just the self-protection mechanism set by OEM. Of course, customer must choose safe and reliable replacement consumables brands for printers.

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