Does Ink “Hide”?
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Does Ink “Hide”?

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You probably assume the cartridge is damaged when your printer indicates there is no ink cartridge. Actually, the ink might "hide." To discover how to make it flow normally, read this article.

1. Check the Print Quality Report

Through the color on the print quality report, you may tell if the printhead is clogged. These are the steps:

  • Locate and touch the "Setup" button

  • Touch Reports - “Print Quality Report

  • The print quality report will be printed

2. Clean the Printhead Using the Built-in Program

Failure of the cartridge will be caused by the blocked printhead. Cleaning the printhead is of necessity.

Note: After cleaning, the printer will give you a quality report. You can repeat the cleaning procedures if you are not pleased with the quality.

  • Locate and touch the "Setup" button

  • Touch “Printer Maintenance”- “Clean Printhead” - “Continue

  • Follow the instructions to clean the printhead

3. Clean the Printhead with Cleaning Fluid

You can remove the printhead and manually clean it if there is enough ink but issues like broken lines, white bars, and color cast still present after auto cleaning.

  • Remove the printhead and cartridge from the inside of the printer

  • Prepare a syringe, a tube, the special cleaning fluid and a plastic ware

  • Suck up some cleaning fluid with the syringe and clean the printhead with the tube

  • If the printhead is seriously clogged, you can soak it in the cleaning liquid overnight

4. Check Ink Volume

Even if you can still print when your printer warns you that there isn't enough ink, the printed page can be missing some colors or have white lines. In this case, it is advised that you measure the amount of ink still in the cartridges to determine whether you need to replace them.


If cartridges are not used for a long time, ink that is close to the printhead will evaporate and clog the printhead. Therefore, Chipjet advises placing your printer in an environment with a temperature exceeding 18°C. If not required, printhead cleaning shouldn't be done. You must first determine whether the printhead is clogged before proceeding. Instead of firing up the printer right away after cleaning, you must leave the cartridge idle for 8 hours. If the printing outcome is still subpar, change the printhead or get assistance from the service center.

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