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On April 11, 2018, the president Mr. Chi Haijiang, the vice president Mr. Feng Guisheng of Hangzhou Binjiang District People's Court, and the head of a tribunal of Hangzhou Binjiang District Puyan Court Mr. Zhu Wangfei came to visit Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd, to have a symposium with the company's general manager Mr. Wang Min and the vice general manager Li Fangju under the company's grand reception. Mr Chi got a very detailed understanding of the chipjet's business, intellectual property, and future development planning and so on.


At the symposium, the company's general manager Mr. Wang Min reported the information of company's production and operation, and made a brief report on enterprise culture, talent construction, intellectual property protection, follow-up development planning as well as urgent issues. Wang Ming, general manager, said, the company has continued to maintain a steady and healthy development in recent years, meanwhile, sales revenue, tax, profits, pay taxes and other indicators have maintained a good growth trend.


President Chi thinks highly of the development of the company. Mr. Chi visited company's departments to get the information of enterprise research and development projects, market sales and enterprise products, to inquire the difficulties in the company's operation, to tackle the legal issues posed by corporation principal patiently, to listen carefully to the suggestions of court business from corporation principal and to have a further communication with corporation principal of how the court could better serve the enterprise.



The corporate management express the appreciation to the court for the warmhearted, high-quality and initiative service to company. The company hopes that the court could carry on the activity of bringing laws to the companies as an important role to publicize domestic enterprises and to promote the economy together.



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