Chip Maintenance Manual
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Chip Maintenance Manual

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Printing consumable chip, as the core component in printer, can help printers to finish printing of high quality. About chip’s fabrication process, Chipjet has also released an article on it. For specific operating steps, please click the link below: “Chinese Chip” Rises – Break through 14nm Node! 

Chip is born after fabrication process of over a hundred procedures and then will be launched into market after passing tests. For qualified chips, the product quality can be ensured with regular frequency of working. However, correct storage condition and usage are also needed to prolong the lifespan of chip. So, is there any tip or method to maintain chips? Please check the “chip maintenance manual” for you below.  

1. Storage Condition


  • Keep the products at room temperature of -20-40 with relative humidity of 30%-85% in warehouse.

  • Noxious gas, inflammable and explosive materials, as well as corrosive chemical substances are strictly forbidden in the warehouse. Avoid mechanical vibration, shock and high-intensity magnetic field.

  • Keep chip in its original packaging box. Packaging box should be at least 20CM away from the ground and 50CM away from heat or cold source and air inlet.

2. Transportation and Placement


  • Do NOT unpack if you don’t use chips; keep chip in the original box if it is already unpacked but not mounted on printer yet.

  • Packaged chips can be transported via any methods. Please don’t place them in open steamer or freight car during long-distance transport.

  • Do NOT place chips in open storage yard in transshipment on route. Don’t place chips with inflammable, explosive or corrosive substances in transportation.

  • Prevent chips from being exposed to the rain and snow or other liquid substances and being damaged mechanically.

3. Moistureproof Standard


  • Packaging box shall comply with the chip’s requirements on moistureproof, dust prevention and antivibration.

  • Keep chips in cool dry places and avoid extreme environment (like supercooling, overheating, damp or direct sunlight).

Friendly Reminders:

1. Chip constitutes various micro transistors inside of it and they have different functions. When in undesired or unstable working environment, chips can be damaged easily. It is suggested to use/keep chips according to the maintenance methods above.

2. There are various reasons for printers being unable to work normally. When a fault occurs, troubleshoot with some simple methods first, as problems like improper installation of toner/ink cartridges, fixing roller or photosensitive drum damaged can also influence the regular use of printer. When there are problems, check if it is because of some misoperation firstly, and then the interior firmware. If the problem still can’t be solved, it is suggested to contact the professionals for after-sales service.

About Chipjet:

Chipjet has been dedicated to printing consumables chip for over a decade with own chip’s test platform of autonomous intellectual property rights. Now Chipjet’s product range covers multiple fields like inkjet, laserjet and copier and has over 280 achievements of research and development of patent projects. Chipjet will satisfy market demands proactively and provide replacement chips with stronger anti-upgrade ability for consumers based on technological advantage and R & D strength.


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