Cartridge Error? Follow us to Fix the Problem!
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Cartridge Error? Follow us to Fix the Problem!

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Have you ever encountered this problem: after changing a new cartridge, you still get the prompts such as “Cartridges Depleted”, “Cartridge Low”, and “Cartridge Error, Replace the Cartridge”? These problems seem to be complicated, but sometimes, they are just caused by wrong cartridge installation or aged pins. Today, Chipjet will teach you how to get your printer right.


When running out of the cartridge, most people will replace the old one without checking the cartridge model. However, only with the right cartridge, your printer can finish its jobs efficiently. Then how to confirm which cartridge matches your printer?



> Check on Your Printer

  • Slide to call out the menu. Find and press the water drop symbol to enter the ink level page.

  • Choose any ink bar and you can see the current cartridge model.


> Check on Your Computer

  • Open “HP Printer Assistant” program.

  • Click “Estimated Levels” on the top right corner.

  • Choose “Estimated Cartridge Levels” in the Toolbox and then you can see the current cartridge model.


With the right cartridge, you could put it into your printer. In our previous article, we have shown you the installation steps with pictures. Today, we prepare a video:



>Install Tricolor Ink Cartridge

  • Put the cartridge into the slot according to the colour.

  • Close the lid.


>Install Single Color Ink Cartridge (Method One)

  • Put the cartridge at a slight upward angle into the slot according to the colour.

  • Press it until it snaps into place.


>Install Single Color Ink Cartridge (Method Two)

  • With the metal contacts facing the printer, push the cartridge towards the rear until it snaps into place.


>Install Toner Cartridge (Method One)

  • Put the cartridge into the slot according to the colour.

  • Push the cartridge drawer forward into the printer.


>Install Toner Cartridge (Method Two)

  • Align the cartridge with the tracks inside the printer.

  • Slide it into the bottom until it clicks into place.


If you install the cartridge right but still receive the error prompts, you can check the contact between the cartridge chip and the printer.


Check the Chip Contacts

  • Paint the contacts with a marking pen.

  • Put the cartridge into the printer, and after a while, take it out.

  • Check whether there are trails of pins on the contacts.

  • If there are, the chip is in good contact with the printer.

If you find the trails are abnormal, please check if the pins are crooked or aged and replace the defective pins as soon as possible.


Now, we believe you know how to check and install the cartridge and how to check the condition of the pins. If you have any other questions about printer and cartridge, please let us know and we will be glad to solve your problems. 


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