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Upgraded PT Station

For inkjet printer users, ink cartridge is a necessary consumable. Among all kinds of cartridges, the cost-effective and environmental friendly remanufactured ink cartridges stand out in the consumable market. However, to test the performance of reman cartridges is a complex procedure, and it is ine

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Brand New!| Non-Battery Replacement Cartridge Chip for Brother

Semiconductor memory has two types: volatile memory (e.g. DRAM and SRAM) and non-volatile memory (e.g. EPROM, EEPROM and FRAM). Volatile memory loses its stored data when the power to the memory chip is turned off, while non-volatile memory preserves the data stored in it during periods when the pow

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Chipjet Rolls Out New Products? Click Here For Exclusive Clues!

Seeing the above picture, you must be able to figure out that Hangzhou Chipjet Technology is going to roll out new replacement chips.

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Kyocera Gen 7 Series Replacement Chips

Features of the New Products

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