Simple Ways to Disable Electronic Chips on Toner and Inkjet Cartridges
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Simple Ways to Disable Electronic Chips on Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

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An electronic chip is carried by almost all office-grade printers since 2003. What’s the deal? The electronic chip is to track how many papers you have printed out and record information about your printing.

However, simply refilling ink tanks or maybe toner cartridges in most cases would not reset their gauge levels. This is very common in Canon models PGI-520, PGI-650, CLI-8, CLI-521, or HP Officejet Pro and HP ENVY, and other printers as well.


Manual for HP

There is no connection between real ink levels and its ink reading. That’s why you would see something like “empty ink” from chip even if there is ink in your printer. And your yellow ink indicates “empty” failing your printing. Then what you should do to make your printer work?


Bypass the Printer Chip Errors

To be clear, this strategy doesn’t take too much work. And it’s easy.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

First, if your printer models have an auto-reset ink tanks, then use it.

Then restore the “empty” chip to full by using your chip resetter.

And then disable your toner or ink monitor.

By doing so you prevent your chip from getting information of your printer usage. Then your printer is free to use.

However, you need to look at your printer’s ink level from time to time. This because you need to avoid your ink running out!


How to Disable Toner Cartridge Electronic Chips

There are various ways to deactivate printers’ electronic chips based on printer types. Here we offer you a general guide line with two printers. And you will figure out others yourself. Let’s dive into specific steps.

HP OfficeJet Pro

First, you need to access the “Setup” button from the LCD display of your printer.

Then choose “preference”, and click “Store Anonymous Usage Information” And at last switch it off.

 If you cannot find the option of “Store Anonymous Usage Information”, it means your electronic chip has been turned off already. Then you need to reactivate the chip that gets your printer back to factory setting.


Taking the following steps to disable your chip.

First, use your home screen of your printer to scroll down to “Preferences”, then choose “Data Storage” and press “OK”

Second select “Off” to shut down the function.

If this selection is off it means you have closed your electronic chip.

But If Your Printer Is Internet Enabled 

Try this...

Get IP address for your printer. In the network setup option find your IP address then follow the steps below to turn your electronic chip in a second.

First of all, enter your printer’s IP address and click on “settings”

Then select “HP Cartridge Protection” on the left hand.

Lastly, choose “Disable HP Cartridge Protection” and do not forget to “Save” it.

Done. It’s like no-brainer, isn’t it?  

Color tank is usually used in inkjet printers, as an important part of components in the print machine, it is hardly possible for it to disengage from the printer, especially when the printer is completely empty. The ink monitor, however, is able to support and surveillance the tank to work, so that as long as the monitor is allocated to the system, the printer can successfully operated.

Sometimes, when you noticed that your printer had displayed “empty” on its screen, it means the ink of the printer is in great need of refilling. The screen can be slightly different if the printer is MP or MG as the message will be shown on the LED screen.

For Canon Inkjet Printer, the electronic chip needs particular care as the precise technology formulates the basic protocol for the printer. Canon Inkjet Printer is widely applied in most of modern offices and workplaces, due to its professional printing technology, the Canon product is highly praised. The ink monitor in the Canon Inkjet Printer t is inevitably for you to run into the chip crash problem during use, so how to disable your ink level monitor becomes the real concern. This guide below is ready to teach you to disable your level monitor in the right way.

The guide will be presented by various steps to help you to disable the monitor in success. However, depending on different types of printers that will verify the customer needs, the messages might face a little bit of variations.

The screenshot is an extraordinary mode to enable the ink tank to disengage. There are four ink tanks: C, M, BK, PK and Canon iP4200 is a great example to test the ink tank disengagement. The following steps will lead you to how to manage to disable the ink tank gradually.

Firstly, if you notice there is a message that included in the screenshot above, the “OK” is the option you should click, then another message will be presented.

Next, please click the “YES” to move to the second message which is a warning one to remind you to see the next screenshot. What you need to do is to click on the “YES” option to the final step straightforward. 

Now, the RESUME button is needed for you to press to help you clear the errors. It may require five to seven seconds of waiting time. However, not all printers have this button, if you can’t find this button on your printer, you are advised to press down and hold the Stop or Cancel button instead. Please remember, you have to hold down the button until the error message stop flashing on the screen.

Your printer is supposed to be normal since all the steps above were applied. But, sometimes, the printer is inevitably run into a delay as the message could be slowly shown. The monitor taskbar which is at the bottom of the screen will then present a message which reads“The ink cartridge has been installed or replaced. If the printout contains misaligned lined or is not satisfactory after the installation or replacement, refer to the user’s guide and carry out the print head alignment.”

Please click the “OK” button as soon as the message is jumped out.

Please note that you need to repeat the steps for all your ink tanks respectively because the printer will register them as “empty”. You will never disable the ink monitors without the ink was registered. Besides, the Canon ink-chip resetters are designed to solve the problem that the printer is on the condition when you can’t deal with the pause. If you want to use an ink resetter, make sure to match the printer match the resetter beforehand.

If you have other questions please do let us know. Feel free to contact us here.


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