OEMs Limit the Usage of Compatible Consumables? We Have Solutions!
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OEMs Limit the Usage of Compatible Consumables? We Have Solutions!

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Printer consumables involve over 50% of a printer’s core technologies. It is no exaggeration to call them the “heart” of printers. Many original equipment manufacturers will adopt different methods to limit the work of compatible consumables. As the manufacturer of compatible cartridge chips, Chipjet will collect such cases based on client consultations. Today, we are going to talk about the most common questions raised by our customers so as to give you some ideas about printer prompts and solutions.


Q1: Why Are Printers Sold By Region?

Selling printers by region is one of the methods that OEMs often use to limit the usage of compatible consumables. For example, some HP printers have Chinese, American and European versions, and Lexmark printers have American, Middle East, European and Asia-Pacific versions. So do Samsung, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, etc.


Therefore, when replacing printer consumables, you should check the printer model first and then choose suitable products. If the region of your cartridge chip is different from that of your printer, the chip will not be recognized by the printer, which will not only influence the print jobs but may also damage your printer.


Q2: Why Will Toner Detecting Device Influence Cartridge Chip?

Original equipment manufacturers usually put a device for detecting the amount of toner in toner cartridge in order to prevent printer from working without toner. Your printer will check the toner level through this device. When it finds the toner is at a low level, it will protect itself by giving warning messages and interrupting ongoing print jobs.


Currently, printers produced by HP, Ricoh, Canon, etc. are equipped with toner sensors. When the printer detects toner shortage, it will prompt related messages in order to protect the cartridge chip. Therefore, when you are reminded of replacing cartridges, you should check the cartridge conditions and change to a new one in time for fear that the cartridge chip is damaged.


Q3: Why OEMs Update Firmware Frequently?

Firmware updating is to repair errors and improve printer performance. But in recent years, with the increasing market share of compatible printer consumables, some OEMs will limit the usage of compatible products by updating printer firmware. That is to say, the printer will not recognize the same cartridge chip after firmware updating. So if your printer asks you to update its firmware, we recommend you not to. Otherwise, maybe your compatible cartridges cannot be used.


The above is the influence on compatible consumables exerted by OEMs and related solutions. If you have any other questions about printer and consumables, please leave us messages and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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