Low Printing Quality? The Printhead May Go Wrong!
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Low Printing Quality? The Printhead May Go Wrong!

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The printer’s ink will evaporate and dry if it is not used for a long time, which will clog the printhead and lower the printing quality. When bringing the printer into use again, the prints may be blurry or distorted, which cause the waste of paper and influence your work as well. Today, Chipjet will give you some advice on the cleaning of the printhead.


Step 1: Check the Print Quality Report

The printhead can be cleaned automatically or manually. Before cleaning, you can check the print quality report. If colour missing or white lines appear, you can follow the below steps to clean the printhead.


 (There is a severe lack of blue colour) 


Step 2: Auto Cleaning

According to the above print quality report, the blue colour is missing obviously. Therefore, you can use the built-in programme to clean the printhead. As the cleaning of the printhead will use the ink, you need to check the remaining amount first. If not enough, you should change a new cartridge before cleaning.



1. Find the “Setup button and click

2. Slide down to find “Printer Maintenance” and then “Clean Printhead”. Click the “Continue” button

3. Follow the prompts to clean the printhead


Note: After cleaning, the printer will give you a quality report. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can repeat the cleaning steps following the printer’s prompts.


Step 3: Cleaning the Printhead Manually


If the ink is enough and problems such as broken lines, white bars and colour cast still exist after auto cleaning, you can remove the printhead and clean it manually.


1. Remove the printhead and cartridge from the inside of the printer

2. Prepare a syringe, a tube, the special cleaning fluid and a plastic ware

3. Suck up some cleaning fluid with the syringe and clean the printhead with the tube

4. If clogging badly, you can steep the printhead in the cleaning fluid overnight


Note: the fragile printhead will be damaged with careless treatment or will not fit the printer after cleaning. Therefore, the special cleaning agent and standard operation should be adopted.


You are not suggested to clean the printhead randomly because it will consume a large amount of ink and accelerate printhead aging. Meanwhile, instead of starting the printer immediately after cleaning, you need to keep the cartridge still for 8 hours before using it. If the printing result is still unsatisfactory, please change the printhead.


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