Common Problems after Installing a New Toner Cartridge and Solutions
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Common Problems after Installing a New Toner Cartridge and Solutions

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Customers have fed back to Chipjet that after installing a new toner cartridge, they encountered problems such as blank pages, printout blemishes, cartridge not detected, etc. This article is written to tell you the causes and solutions. Come to learn with us.


01 Blank Pages

  • Not remove the protective strip

 Users should remove the protective strips and shake the new cartridge horizontally before installing it, otherwise, they will stop the printer from printing.

  • Contaminated or damaged laser component

The laser part of the printer may be contaminated or damaged if blank pages continue to appear after you install a new cartridge. You can try to fix the problem by cleaning the mirror of the laser beam detector or adjusting the angle of the laser beam detector.

  • Cartridge is not installed correctly

Take out the toner cartridge and reinstall it. If the issue is resolved, it means the cartridge is not installed correctly before.

  • Wrong cartridge model

Please make sure the cartridge is compatible with your printer because a wrong cartridge won’t be recognized.


02 Blurring, Smears, and Streaks

  • The waste toner container is full

Empty the waste toner container.

  • The voltage applied to the developing roller is low

 In certain printers, a set of sensor switches located beneath the toner cartridge is used to adjust the intensity of laser beam to correspond with the photosensitivity of toner. The printouts may fade if they are not configured correctly.


03 Cartridge Cannot Be Detected

  • Cartridge chip is covered

Identify whether anything is covering the cartridge chip. If it is, expose the chip and reinstall the cartridge.

  • Clean the printer

After excluding cartridge or installation issues, you can try to clean the sensor and contact points of your printer using a clean cloth and a dedicated cleanser. This can remove the dust and dirt inside the printer so that it can recognize the cartridge.


Hope this article can help you fix the above problems that may occur after installing a new toner cartridge. If you have any questions, leave us a message. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

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