Chipjet in Paperworld: An international trade fair for office supplies
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Chipjet in Paperworld: An international trade fair for office supplies

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Paperworld, an internationally renowned trade fair for office supplies paper and stationery will be delivering a comprehensive market overview by showcasing the trends and industry’s latest products in Frankfurt am Main on 25 January 2020. This year, it is expected to attract more than 32,000 visitors from over 140 countries who are going to be amazed by the innovative products and designs exhibited by thousands of companies. Chipjet, as one of the biggest printer chip manufacturers in China, is going to showcase their latest products of printer replacement chips including brands like HP, Canon, and Brother. Other displaying products in Paperworld include office equipment and supplies, IT and printer consumables, International Sourcing.


It is the greatest business meeting of technology industry in Europe and an excellent opportunity to check up on innovations concerning technology industry. As one of the exhibitor, Chipjet has reserved abundant strength and resource with years of experience. Oriented by the market, Chipjet provide diversified and customizable services including solution planning, chip design, simulation verification, layout and mass production.


With Paperworld coming around the corner, Chipjet has commented: “This year’s international trade fair is a crucial meeting point for our industry and also a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the section.” Guided by the company values of innovation, effort, excellence and win-win principle, Chipjet continuously increase R&D investment and build up a professional young and passionate R&D team who achieved technological leapfrogging through all the upgrades in professional integrated circuit industry. Chipjet said: “We will have a professional stand as a leading company in printer consumables sector.”


For constant innovation, Chipjet is actively involved in Industry-Education-Research programs and established cooperation. Chipjet spares no effort to innovate not merely for certificates, but to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions and services to win customers’ trust. Relying on the advances of technology R&D, Chipjet made progress to carry out in-depth cooperation globally in Europe, North America, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Based on printing consumables and integrated circuits industries, Chipjet will take a more solid pace with commitment to become a first-class chip solutions provider.


Different from the traditional monotonous trade fair, Paperworld will introduce numerous special shows, workshops, ceremonies as well as lectures to create a relaxed atmosphere as well as expand visitors’ knowledge. All the trends and industry innovations would get together at Paperworld.


Sustainability, environmental protection, and ecological conduct

These three crucial elements are what the stationery sector proposes in the Paperworld. “Green office” has long become the keyword for paper and office supplies industry and has allured buyers in the name of green and environmental friendly. For a long time, recycled paper has become a product as a standard in the stationery stores. Ecology is another important issue as it allows the environment goes hand in hand with economic considerations. Preserving resources and at the same time promoting work productivity are two components of ecology. Things are coming to the fore when they come to the “green orientation” and consumers who are environmentally conscious would also be attracted to the intrinsic value of products.


Office of tomorrow: Intelligent solutions for effective teamwork

Exhibitors are going to present their products and their smart solutions in the area that focuses on the future of the office. The senior marketing manager Dennis Kopaß says that “Different from the traditional conference room, now a couple of smaller flexible rooms will be utilized for informal meetings.” As such, it would save more space and these causal rooms will be installed with a flipchart or writable wall to feature the casual atmosphere. With the increasing demand of working space in German, Paperworld will dedicate to a well-prepared solution that develops the classic presentation and adds some new elements in the digital one.


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