Happy Women’s Day—to Every “Shero”
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Happy Women’s Day—to Every “Shero”

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In Chipjet, a group of women invest themselves in the technical field and are faced with many unknown setbacks, challenges and also obtain achievement. They break the stereotype that “technical field belongs to men” with their strength, showing that females can also play an important role in the chip industry.  Let us meet some of them in working through the essay below.


Lady of Product


About chip, she has a correct quality concept, integrated systematic thinking and professional knowledge. In every stage from definition, design, production to shipment of every chip, she is always considering the whole lifespan of the product with strategic insight and then formulates the marketing strategy suitable for Chipjet’s development. In her opinion, team cooperation is a key in work. Everyone should be straightforward and share with his or her teammates when has idea in mind. More preparations can quicken the speed in doing work. Communication can tie teammates more tightly and also make the team more powerful!

Lady of Elaborateness


She has rich experience in financial affairs and financial modules in industries like traditional manufacturing, Internet and high-tech, and familiar with execution of strategic finance, business finance and sharing finance. During the pandemic in 2020, she assisted related departments to fit in the new mode after work resumption; and also took the lead in establishing new risk control management system during the pandemic and target-oriented control schemes. Speaking of the financial affairs for her department in the future, she believes only they pay attention to listening and learning the business, work with keen insight, concentration and creation, can they provide better services to the company’s production and management.

Lady of Justice


Recognized as a “precise” and “efficient” legal counsel in Chipjet, she is responsible to provide professional and detailed legal opinions and suggestions. In her view, legal counsel is like a “firewall” and also “fireman” for guaranteeing company development: on the one hand, she has to monitor and prevent both legal risks and operational risks; on the other hand, she has to solve disputes among departments, so as to protect company’s rights and interests. In addition, she needs to boost the company’s business development through her commercial thinking and empathy to seek balance between bussiness and rick control. As she said, there is no shortcut in dealing with legal affairs: a legal counsel needs to take consideration of every detail and achieve a macro-level control to better protect the company develop healthily and steadily.

Lady of Production


As the saying goes, “cream always rises to the top.” As an operator working in production department, she is a woman of pragmatic, sharp and professional working style, which sets a good example for fellow workers. In addition of efficiently finishing her own work with high quality, she will also find ways to enrich her knowledge and promote skill level, then share the experience with colleagues. In her opinion, one has to be hardheaded and responsible in work, so that he or she can take things easy when challenges come.

As female scientific and technical staff, for their success, they have same characteristics: unceasing curiosity, indomitable stubbornness, optimism, kindness and the spirit of creating their own miracles with their power and value. Today, Chipjet wants to pay respects to all women and female power! It is you who make every ordinary day full of sunshine. Hope all of you can be full of courage, elegance and happiness with no fear of aging in the future.    


About Chipjet

Chipjet has been dedicated to printing consumables chip for over a decade with own chip’s test platform of autonomous intellectual property rights. Now Chipjet’s product range covers multiple fields like inkjet, laserjet and copier. Chipjet will satisfy market demands proactively and provide replacement chips with stronger anti-upgrade ability for consumers based on technological advantage and R & D strength.


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