Chipjet’s Alibaba Online Store Opens!
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Chipjet’s Alibaba Online Store Opens!

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Breaking! Chipjet’s Alibaba online store opens on June 18.


Before, foreign customers usually enquire product information through email or our website. To make transactions more convenient, Chipjet follow the online shopping trend and open our store on Alibaba. From now on, you can know our company and products simply by visiting our Alibaba homepage. Our sales representatives will reply to you quickly and bring you happy shopping experiences.


Follow us to see the highlights of our online store:



The “Verified Supplier” mark

SGS certification

Officially recognized by Alibaba



You can easily see the video and the panorama of Chipjet as well as our patents and certificates

Our production capacity and R&D strength are clearly demonstrated



The well-designed homepage enables you to view product details easily.

Hundreds of products. Choose anyone you want.




You can’t wait to see it, right? Visit our Alibaba online store using either a computer or phone.


Using Your Computer:

Or simply click the Alibaba Group mark on the navigation bar.

Using Your Phone:


Scan the OR code


As the global largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, provides service in over 200 countries and regions. Chipjet’s online store on Alibaba enables us to serve our customers in a more open way. We welcome your suggestions and we will continue to provide high-quality products and service. 


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