Brother 3111/3117/3119/3129 Series Replacement Chips
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Brother 3111/3117/3119/3129 Series Replacement Chips

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Chip Photo Chipjet Product Code Original Cartridge Code For Use In Color Region
兄弟三代 CBR30-3111BK LC3111BK DCP-J973N-W/B  / DCP-J572N / MFC-J893N Japan
CBR30-3111C LC3111C DCP-J973N-W/B  / DCP-J572N / MFC-J893N Japan
CBR30-3111M LC3111M DCP-J973N-W/B  / DCP-J572N / MFC-J893N Japan
CBR30-3111Y LC3111Y DCP-J973N-W/B  / DCP-J572N / MFC-J893N Japan
CBR30-3117BK LC3117BK MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3117C LC3117C MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3117M LC3117M MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3117Y LC3117Y MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3119BK LC3119BK MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3119C LC3119C MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3119M LC3119M MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3119Y LC3119Y MFC-J6980CDW/J6580CDW Japan
CBR30-3129BK LC3129BK MFC-J6995CDW  Japan
CBR30-3129C LC3129C MFC-J6995CDW  Japan
CBR30-3129M LC3129M MFC-J6995CDW  Japan
CBR30-3129Y LC3129Y MFC-J6995CDW  Japan

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