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  • New option for global customers from Printwell

    Zhuhai Dinglong Printwell Technology (Printwell), founded in Sep 2019 and located in Zhuhai, China, is a new compatible inkjet manufacturer and a subsidiary of Dinglong Group like Chipjet. Printwell aims at offering more choices on compatible inkjet cartridges for global customers. With the strength

  • “Chinese Chip” Rises – Break through 14nm Node!

    In the past month, because of US further sanction against Huawei, the domestic replacement semiconductor has become a hot topic and keywords like “Huawei, TSMC, lithography machine and chip” also lead to heated discussions among people. China, as the largest fabrication base for electronic products

  • Chipjet Tips-How to Disable Printer Cartridge Protection Feature

    When the HP cartridge protection feature is enabled carelessly, the cartridge applied to this printer will be “protected” by it permanently and can only be used in this printer. If you enable this feature by accident and put the “protected” cartridge into another printer, then the cartridge won’t be

  • Tips: How to Print Smarter to Save Your Ink and Paper

    We all know whether used or unused cartridges can save your money, if only you pay attention to its application method. However, there is another way to save money—watch out the font while printing. This is because when you are consuming ink or toner to print your stuff meaning you have to purchase

  • Chipjet: How do laser printers work?

    Chipjet: How do laser printers work?Imagine a world you can write with laser, pretty cool right? This is happening, but not to us, to printers. Laser printers are ubiquitous, notably in the office. No matter it’s HP, Brother, Samsung, Kyocera, Canon, Xerox. From the outside, it whirs away, churning

  • Why do printer cartridges have chips and how do they work?

    Warning, your printer toner’s low. You might have seen this on your computer. It is your printer cartridges chip reminds you. Thanks to it, you can see the problems generated from your printer. So what is exactly a cartridge chip?It is a communicator between machine and computer through either direc

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